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2001 Gibson Les Paul Classic 1960 
Serial # 012 (XXX)​ 

$850.00 + shipping​

​'s a 'real' Gibson
​No, I did not "build" it !, but thanks for the compliment. lol

Husk (body and neck only)
2001 Les Paul 1960 Classic
No breaks or repairs.
No parts are included EXCEPT for the tailpiece grommets.
Install your own hardware and pickups and string it up and play !
there are No dents in the frets.
there are No dings or dents in the finish, but it does have a few very minor scratches, typical of what you see on a 17 year old guitar.
there is one small finish blem on the back of the body that looks like it may have come from the factory that way.
Finish is very shiny.
truss rod works as it should.
neck is straight.
looks like the original Gibson nut was replaced with nylon.
serial number is intact.

*No case is included.

*Will only ship to destinations within the continental USA