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Ron Luczak
Luthier est. 1982
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Each Guitar is custom built, painted, wired and assembled one at a time, every stage by human hands using basic  woodworking tools.
No pre-made components are imported or outsourced.

Many Guitar companies offer “Custom Shop” instruments.
For these, they reserve the best grade materials & pay extra attention
to detail hopefully using more human involvement in their construction as compared to their CNC-made assembly line counterparts.
These models typically carry a premium price tag.

All of the classic vintage guitars that were made in Kalamazoo Michigan in the 1950s & 1960s could be considered “Custom Shop” instruments as there were no CNC tools in those days and these instruments were made by Craftsmen & Luthier's , many whom actually were musicians and understood how the finished guitar should play, feel, & sound.
They used basic woodworking tools, animal glues, lacquer & human skill to create the guitars that have become the benchmark that defines what a great guitar is.
50-plus years later, these now vintage guitars are known for their exceptional sustain & tone & are coveted by those fortunate enough to own them.

Every Guitar that comes from my shop is fully hand-built in the “Kalamazoo Tradition” using common woodworking tools, animal glues, lacquer, and the attention to every detail required to create a superb playing musical instrument that will exhibit the resonant lively tone that no Polyurethane painted guitar imported from abroad can achieve.

Each Luczak Guitar is 100% built in Michigan USA.
It comes stock with quality instrument grade lumber & top quality hardware including -
*CTS potentiometers,
*Switchcraft switch & output jack,
*Jescar fretwire,
*Shielded wiring.
* Your choice of Duncan Pickups
   ​(boutique pickups​ are an upcharge)

Made Custom for You :
Starting with the Luczak body shape, you can select the lumber species, scale length, hardware, pickups, tuners and color.
Rather than a Serial Number, each guitar is givin a females first “Name” (your choice) which is inlayed into the back of the headstock. The date & the number of the guitar is also entered inside the control cavity.

  *All guitars require a deposit of one half of the final cost, which is non-refundable* *


...making Truss rods
"Norma"is prototype # 002
    color- "Olive Branch"
         built in 2001.
"Elizabeth" is inst# 042
color- "Cherry Festival Red"
            built in 2006

*Every custom, handmade guitar I craft is the result of close collaboration with You via email and/or phone.
Once the specifics have been determined, a custom quote is prepared and furnished to You for approval.
Before I can proceed, a non-refundable deposit for one half of the total is required to begin the process.
Turn around time depends on the complexity of the guitar and my current work loa